SASSCAL Alumni Network Subscription Form
SASSCAL has established its Alumni Network to allow SASSCAL to re-connect with their former scholarships holders and graduates, and to maintain an Alumni Network, through which SASSCAL will also provide various capacity and skills development programmes and initiatives.

Against this background, SASSCAL invites you to subscribe to the SASSCAL Alumni Network. We will contact you with information about our capacity and skills development programmes and initiatives.

In the subscription form below, please provide
(1) personal information
(2) specify academic or non-academic capacity development
(3) your SASSCAL affiliation/association 
(4) information on your current employ
(5) voluntary supplementary info

Estimated time for subscription form is 3 to 5 minutes.
* indicates required
What is your nationality?
Personal information is given from 1.1 to 1.6
What is the specific HIGHEST qualification obtained
From which educational institution did you receive this qualification?
Are your studies for the specified qualification completed, in process or incomplete (currently not continuing)?
Please give the full thesis title
If available online, please provide the link to your thesis
Choose the appropriate non-academic training
For example 0516 for May 2016
In what context is your capacity development affiliated with SASSCAL?
Was the capacity development funded by SASSCAL?
During what time were you in training (even if temporary)
Your current place of employ or study
What is your current job title?
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